The Dedza Handmade Art Gallery is the creation of local recycled-paper artist, Henry Ng’ambe.  This home-grown business started in Henry’s birth village of Mpalale in January 2001 and is a result of his passion for a sustainable future for Malawi.   The business is founded on a belief that local communities benefit environmentally and economically when re-using their local natural resources.

With a desire to expand and attract more customers, the gallery moved in 2002 to its current location in rural Dedza, 60 minutes south of Malawi’s capital city of Lilongwe and near the Dedza Pottery.

Dedza Handmade Art Gallery currently stocks a Range of Products created from recycled paper which is made daily at the gallery and can also fulfill Special orders.  

Other locally made art pieces displayed including paintings, fabric dolls, cloth bags and jewellery, with future plans to expand this range.

Visit us in Dedza and watch Henry in action, making paper in his workshop which is located behind the Dedza Handmade Art Gallery.

Enjoy the day in Dedza,by visiting several other local art galleries located

nearby including  Mpira Wood Art Gallery, Dedza Pottery, Daiman’s

Art Shop. For further information about Dedza, please click here and here.